DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Partygoers in Dallas are improvising to ring in 2018 as the bitter cold weather affects how people are celebrating.

Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas is the centerpiece of a big fireworks show and many people are finding ways to stay warm, so they can take in the festivities.

Along with party favors and confetti, winter apparel like hats, gloves and scarves are the standard this New Year’s Eve — unless you’re indoors.

Out on the city streets, faces and hands were hidden from the cold. One family is visiting from Oklahoma.

“Compared to Oklahoma, I think it’s a breeze,” said Guru Singh.

They’re planning a cozy New Year’s Eve indoors.

Dallas cocktail bar Tipsy Alchemist will welcome over 150 guests with plenty of warmth.

“It’s looking to be a great, great New Year’s Eve, even with the weather how it is,” said Alon Weltman, director of events and public relations for Tipsy Alchemist.

Over at Parliament, an Uptown lounge-bar, Jesse Powell said they’re expecting around 200 people stop in throughout the night.

“I find that weather doesn’t really factor into the outcome of the situation,” said Powell. “With a room this size, it’s a lot easier to create a comfortable environment for everyone.”

The Dallas Fire Marshal said that if wind speeds reach 20 miles per hour, there might be changes to the big fireworks show. So far, the show is a go.