DALLAS (CBS11) – It was a busy night for plumbers in North Texas on Tuesday as the area entered another evening of freezing temperatures.

Some homeowners found themselves without water through no fault of their own.

Lewisville resident Jacob Ashford came home to find his home flooded. He later discovered a cracked pipe behind his dishwasher.

“Oh my goodness. That’s all I thought, you know?” said Ashford. “I kind of enjoyed the cold weather for a little while. I’m over it now.”

His floors are now torn up and his family is living in a hotel as they wait for a plumber to work their magic.            

“I had the hose bibs covered up and I was expecting those to cover it,” said Ashford.

Plumber Preston Knowles with Precision Plumbing said no faucet drip or cover would have helped Ashford’s burst pipe.

A busy night for plumbers across freezing North Texas (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

“Nine out of ten times when it’s a freeze-break, it’s caused by improper installation,” said Knowles.

He said there was no way to insulate the pipe the way it was installed.

Knowles said it is best to call a plumber if someone notices a small leak or has a pipe that is always freezing.

He believes it can be a lot cheaper to inspect and proactively fix a pipe rather than waiting for the worst and most costly scenario.

“The lack of craftsmanship cost this poor man his nice house,” said Knowles.

The pipe that was replaced was originally brass.

Knowles replaced it with a plastic-like material that gives more and can expand easier under a freeze.