DALLAS (CBS11) – “We’ve been blindsided.”

“This is an ugly situation.”

“We got hosed on this deal.”

The statements come from Dallas City Council members, including Mayor Mike Rawlings on Wednesday, while discussing the status of the city’s School Crossing Guard Program.

screen shot 2018 01 03 at 6 26 11 pm Dallas Schools Have Crossing Guard Problem

Dallas schools crossing guards (CBS11)

The program that provides school safety guards who escort children across busy streets is not a local school district service.

Crossing guards are a component of public safety.

Since 2012, Dallas signed an agreement to contract Dallas County Schools, the publicly financed bus transportation agency, to take over guard service from the Dallas Police Department.

In November, Dallas area voters supported an initiative to end all DCS operations.

A Dissolution Committee is assigned the task to find appropriate bus operations for partner school districts, but no such requirement was issued for crossing guard operations. “Crossing Guards are the city’s responsibility,” Dissolution Committee Chair Mike Moses said Wednesday.

Moses is listed in the legal complaint filed by the City of Dallas against the DCS Dissolution Committee.

The court filing asks for a temporary restraining order, requiring DCS to provide crossing guard service through July. Moses said the committee must focus on bus service decisions.

“I would’ve preferred a conversation about these matters instead of a lawsuit”, he said.

A court hearing is scheduled for January 11.