By Jack Fink

FORT WORTH (CBS11) – For years, about 2,000 American Airlines pilots once furloughed after the September 11 terror attacks, have waited to have their pay scale adjusted to the industry standard.

Gregg Overman, Communications Director for the Allied Pilots Association, which represents American’s pilots says, “It was something that kind of fell victim to the bankruptcy.”

On Wednesday, the pilots hoped leaders of their association would have approved a deal hashed out with American’s executives last month, but Overman says association leaders want more time to study the issue.

The association says American Airlines came to an agreement on this issue after the pilots group agreed to help fix a scheduling error by the airline that could have led to 10,000 flights being cancelled during the holidays.

Overman says, “It led to some upper level talks between our leadership and senior executives at American Airlines.”

So if union leaders approve the pay scale change January 16, American’s once furloughed pilots will see their pay scale and vacations increased to similar levels for pilots at Delta and United.

Overman says, “Most  of the pilots furloughed after 9/11, came back at relatively junior on the pay scale: 3rd year pay, fourth year pay.

The length of service credit would give them the ability to come back at 10 year, 11 year, 12 year pay.”

In addition, he says the association is considering improvements to the pilot’ work rules.