DALLAS (CBS11) – They are easy to spot throughout Dallas.

There are now five dockless bike sharing companies in the city and some folks have had enough with the amount of bikes laying around the city.

Dallas bike mess (Josh Miller)

“I think the biggest issue is that there’s just way too many of them,” said Josh Miller, who works in Downtown Dallas.

Miller got so sick of seeing the dockless cycles all over the city, he decided to document it on Instagram

He and his more than 6,000 followers have captured the bikes in all sorts of disarray.

The handle “DallasBikeMess” features pictures of the bikes missing wheels, in dumpsters, in trees and they have even found the bikes in fountains and submerged in local creeks.       

“A lot of it is about bringing attention to the issue,” said Miller. “People are watching. People are aware of the situation.”

The City of Dallas is also listening.

“Even with all these complaints and comments, it’s really helping us identify critical issues,” said Jared White with the City of Dallas Alternative Transportation Program.

White will soon deliver his recommendations to city council on how to address the issues.

The city could limit the amount of bikes and vendors or even set up specific geographic zones using the bikes GPS for parking.

Lime Bike’s Anthony Fleo is all ears.

“Our goal is to work with the city and be community partners,” said Fleo.

Miller is hoping that statement holds true for both sides involved.

“I think the citizens of Dallas need to treat them with respect but I also think the bike companies need to treat the city and our citizens with respect,” said Miller.

The city has not set a specific date to discuss the possible regulations. They suspect it could be sometime in the spring.