By Andrea Lucia

COPPELL (CBSDFW.COM) – The man who Ella Zurar met online seemed like a gentleman, until their second date. “That’s when all the red flags started coming up,” she said.

The next time that he texted her “wanna hang out?” she told him “no.”

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When he persisted, Zurar explained, “I just can’t do a relationship right now.”

“I didn’t want to be rude and I didn’t want to be mean,” Zurar said.

It didn’t seem to matter. “He started calling and calling and calling,” explained Zurar.

In an expletive filled voicemail that Zurar shared with CBS 11 News, Charles Ryan Wirtz said, “You and your f****** w**** baby. F*** you, b****. I’m not f****** going away.”

Over a span of 20 hours, Wirtz sent Zurar more than 30 text messages. He mentioned his “big gun” in what Coppell police believe was a reference to an AR-15 rifle that he owns. “I will find you w****. … You will pay w****,” he wrote.

Wirtz’s threats were even directed at Zurar’s 13-year-old daughter. “Going to pay to have your w**** a** and your daughter destroyed,” read one message.

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Wirtz also attacked them for being “foreign.” Zurar told CBS 11 News that she is Canadian. “All you w**** foreigners do is w**** make babies. Your w**** baby isn’t welcome here w****,” he wrote her.

“It really made me want to throw up,” Zurar said. “I couldn’t even describe it.”

Zurar called the police, but when an officer told her that he was not sure how long it would take for a detective to investigate the case, she wrote an email. “To the chief, to Coppell city officials, to the mayor. I sent it to everybody,” she said. Three days later, Wirtz was arrested and charged with stalking.

Zurar said that an officer also helped her get an emergency protective order. “I was floored by the response,” she said.

Now out on bond, Wirtz told CBS 11 News over the phone that he regretted his messages, describing them as “one rant… one moment of too much alcohol and some cough syrup.” He said that he has no history of violence and never intended to harm anyone.

Wirtz called his connection to Zurar “epic” and explained that he was hurt because he thought that they were in love.

That claim stunned Zurar. “I just met him,” she said.

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Zurar said that she is still afraid of Wirtz, but she will not let fear stop her. “Nobody has the right to threaten your life, never mind your daughter’s life, because you’re not interested in dating them,” she said. “We need to start standing up for ourselves. We don’t deserve to be treated this way.”