UPDATE: January 20, 2018  2:48PM – The Texas Workforce Commission says it will continue processing claims and paying unemployment during the federal government shutdown. In addition, the Texas Workforce Commission call centers will remain open to work with employers and claimants with no decrease in level of service.

DALLAS (CBS11) – If you’re out of a job or collect unemployment from the Texas Workforce Commission, you may feel the brunt if the federal government shuts down.

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That’s because most of the money for the program comes from the federal government.

During the last government shutdown in 2013, the state of Texas continued distributing unemployment checks, and was later reimbursed by the federal government.

But if this happens again, there’s no word yet if the state will do that this time.

Byron McPherson collected unemployment insurance last year, and now, after losing one of his two jobs, he doesn’t want to be out of work again. “I’d rather get out there and work as hard as I have to, do whatever I have to do to avoid the unemployment struggle.”

McPherson says he knows how important that unemployment check was. “I was able to get by with paying some bills.”

Other federal programs and services won’t be impacted during a shutdown.

Social Security recipients will still receive their benefits.

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The post office will remain open and deliver the mail.

The military and federal law enforcement officers will stay on the job but may lose their paychecks.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, said 12,000 Texas Guardsmen won’t be able to conduct drills.

But veterans will still be able to receive healthcare at the Dallas VA.

Vincent Nixon, a disabled veteran in Dallas says, “I’m very relieved at that.”

Nixon though says he’s still worried about the potential government shutdown because his wife works for a federal agency. “If the government shuts down, she has no work. It takes away from our income as far as the household is concerned. We have three kids so I have to look out for them.”

In Texas, officials say educational and health programs that rely on federal funding won’t be impacted in the short term.

That includes the CHIP program, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which serves 450,000 uninsured children and pregnant women.

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Earlier this month, the state announced it has enough money to keep the program funded through the end of March.