DALLAS (CBS11) – Fourteen-year-old Javier Saldivar has spent the past four days drinking fluids, ingesting medication and trying to rest.

Saldivar, a ninth grader at Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas, is one of three members of his family fighting flu symptoms. But he and his older brother Cesar are home from school because flu shut their school down.

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“A lot of people getting sick. Just yesterday, our friend got sick after we arrived at school,” said 16-year-old Cesar Saldivar IV.

Jesuit Prep closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

The campus reported 100 students absent from school Monday.

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Jesuit College Preparatory School in Dallas (CBS11)

The majority of the absences were illness related. Javier Saldivar was headed to wrestling we started feeling sick. “We started running. My throat started burning and I couldn’t do it,” he said.

The school completed a high level cleaning and cancelled all school activities, expect events not held on the campus. School officials sent messages to families, saying the shutdown was an effort to keep the community safe and healthy.

“The school closed out of the general well-being of its student and faculty community. Not everyone indicated being out with flu-like systems, but it felt prudent to be cautious given the number of cases in neighboring districts,” Jesuit Prep spokesman James Kramer said Tuesday.

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Two other North Texas School districts have recently closed temporarily, because of rising flu infections.