FORT WORTH (CBS11) – A retired Fort Worth ISD teacher will be among those in the crowd tomorrow night for President Trumps first State of The Union Address.

Charmion Johnson-Polk said she was invited by her former student and current Congressman Marc Veasey.

“I am just elated that my congressman invited me. He remembered the work that I had done,” said Johnson-Polk.

The life-long educator said Congressman Veasey was one of her original students of a group called King’s Kids of America at Dunbar Middle School in Fort Worth.

King’s Kids were known to recite words and speeches first given by Dr. Martin Luther King.

Johnson-Polk admitted she is a proud Democrat and isn’t always in agreement with comments made by President Trump, but that isn’t keeping her from being excited over attending the State of the Union Address.

“You have to be open minded,” she said. “You have to be able to accept and listen to what people say.”

She said she is most looking forward to a message of unity for the country during what these divisive times in our country.

“I would like for him to tell us how he is going to bring us back a little closer together,” she said.