(CBS11) – If you grew up in the 1960’s and lived in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., you probably remember an underground rock band named, The Sonics.

Formed in 1960 in Tacoma WA by guitarist Larry Parypa, this rock quintet was known for hard charging rock and roll, a garage rock style, mixed in with a little psychedelic tones, R&B and good ole rock and roll. Other members during this time were Larry’s brother Andy (bass guitar), Gerry Roslie (vocals/keyboard), Rob Lind (saxophone/harmonica) and Bob Bennett (drums). Like a lot of underground rock bands, their sound was hard-hitting and gritty yet very disciplined. The period between 1963-1966 is what many rock historians view as the time the group did their best work. They were definitely one of the most popular bands in the Pacific Northwest during the time, especially with teen club scene in Tacoma, which Paul Revere & The Raiders were known to play.

The song featured today is one written by Richard Berry from 1959 called “Have Love, Will Travel” based off of the popular CBS series “Have Gun, Will Travel” with actor Richard Boone.

The Sonics recorded this song and released it on their 1965 album “Here Are The Sonics.”  The lyrics go like this:

“(Have love) Well, baby now
(Will travel) Said I, yeah, I
(Have love) Well, baby now
(Will travel) Said I, yeah, I
And I say/baby
If you need a loving man, will travel

Say, I will travel from Maine to Mexico
Trying to find that girl to love me so
No matter where I go, no matter where I be
I just can’t find the girl to satisfy me”

You can hear this song on Sirius XM Channel 21, Little Steven’s Underground Garage.  So… from 1965… here they are… The Sonics!