By MaryAnn Martinez

FORNEY, Texas (CBS11) – Less than a week after five high students are accused of sexually abusing a teammate, their team takes the field.

screen shot 2018 01 30 at 10 26 14 pm Parents React To Soccer Hazing Sex Assault Accusations

Forney High soccer game (CBS11)

The Forney High School soccer team played with fewer players, as some are facing disciplinary action at school as well as criminal charges, against Poteet High School in Mesquite tonight.

After a week of distractions, the Forney Jackrabbits can finally get back to soccer.

Last week, five students, including 18-year-old Jacob Fisher, were charged with sexual assault.

jacob james fisher Parents React To Soccer Hazing Sex Assault Accusations

Jacob James Fisher – Forney High student accused of sexual assault

The other four are underage and their names aren’t public. They are accused of holding down a teammate and sodomizing him in the locker room at Forney High School and at away games.

Francisco Quintero’s son played against the Jackrabbits Tuesday night.

“We are always talking about it to him, if anybody trying to touch you inappropriately, he needs to tell us, even if they say we are going to do something to you or your parents. You don’t need to be afraid to speak,” said Quintero

The Forney student who says he was abused told investigators it happened on ten occasions in 2017. Forney High School students say they saw a video of a soccer player being held down while yelling, “get off me.”

The school district maintains coaches didn’t know about the abuse.

“I hope that that kid is getting a lot of help,” said Mariana Espinoza. “Prayers to him and his family because that’s something that someone shouldn’t go through.”