By Kena Sosa

For families who want convenience and health, but also want to ensure the longevity of the planet, cloth diapers should be part of your savvy parenting journey. They are not found everywhere, but there are enough service options to encourage this more natural way of raising a baby.

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Nappy Shoppe
3253 Independence Parkway
Plano, TX 75075
(469) 371-5448

If you are open to the idea, switching to cloth diapers can be an easy transition for any parent. Not only will you be more green and environmentally friendly, but you will also be saving money if you use Nappy Shoppe. Nappy Shoppe has a Newborn Cloth Diaper Rental program that makes it convenient and easy on the pocketbook. With that said, add some cloth diaper accessories to complete your set. Nappy Shoppe has helpful classes too for those hungry for learning, too.

BlueBonnet Diaper Service
P.O. Box 222
Valley View, TX 76262
(940) 637-2026

BlueBonnet Diaper Service is a company based on family and unity. Their travels and experience in other industries fuel the way they run BlueBonnet Diaper Service. BlueBonnet Diaper Service has the full roster of cloth diapers and related products ranging from diaper covers, diaper bins, deoderizing disks, and brand name cloth diapers. Weekly service plans and special plans for new mothers are especially helpful, but Bluebonnet Diaper Service cares for the whole family. Basic and extended plans are also offered. This is one of the few services that offers a multi-child discount for growing broods.

Clean & Green Luxury Cloth Diaper Service
(469) 283-8397

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Clean & Green Luxury Cloth Diaper Service promotes environmentalism and health for your baby. Several service options are available that include pick up of soiled cloth diapers and delivery of fresh cloth diapers. Some plans include extras like a diaper pail and wet wipes to facilitate usage. Some plans include pick up up to twice a week and additional add-ons also make the grade. Partial and full-service plans as well as prepared plans mean mothers of all lifestyles and schedules should be able to find a plan that works for their families. Ammonia treatments and wipes can be added, too. Clean & Green Luxury Cloth Diaper Service takes their mission to a new level by also offering service to day cares, so babies growing at home or in caring hands at day cares can still access an option healthier for them and for the planet they will inherit.

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The Granola Family
1306 W. Euless Blvd., Suite 300A
Euless, TX 76040
(817) 999-2816

The Granola Family has more cloth diaper variations to try than those ten tiny toes. Starter kits can be very helpful to first-time parents, or go all in and try all the vibrant, kid-friendly designs. Your baby’s adorable bottom can be covered in leaves, animals, colorful and cute patterns that will have other parents asking where you shop. They event stock limited edition products sure to be attention-getters. Most of all, using cloth diapers will be sure that your baby is healthy, fashionable and helping keep the world clean for their own future.

Crunchy Boutique
1010 North Davis Drive
Arlington, TX 76012

(682) 323-5806

In addition to the classes for parents like breastfeeding and caring for newborns, Crunchy Boutique offers several cloth diaper selections. Eventually they will roll out a full array of products and services as the store grows. Fun, colorful, kid-friendly designs make cloth diapers look more fun than the disposable counterpart. Crunchy Boutique is also open to product suggestions and recommendations, caring for your needs, too.

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