DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas woman is thankful she’s alive after someone shot at her in a moving car twice, narrowly missing her head.

Sylvia Wilkins was on her way to her home in North Oak Cliff from work when it happened.

“I heard the big boom, boom and just thought I blew my tire out,” said Wilkins.

But her tires weren’t flat.

“It didn’t even register that I had been shot until the glass started shattering,” said Wilkins.

windshield shot out (Sylvia Wilkins)

She called 911 and rushed home.

“I didn’t know what kind of gun. I kept seeing the hole and kept thinking what’s wrong with me? Am I hit and I don’t know it?” said Wilkins.

Dallas Police arrived and Wilkins said investigators told her the holes were likely from some sort of high-powered pellet gun.

“I was a sitting duck. That someone shot right at the passenger seat… Right at my head level, didn’t seem like an accident at all,” said Wilkins.

And Wilkins soon realized she was not the only one.

Similar shootings happened that same weekend at Oak Cliff Glass and Mirror and at Sherwin-Williams Paints on Davis Street.

During the previous month, Lone Star Donuts also reported shattered windows and so did Picolé Pops.

“How can you prevent something like that? You don’t. You can’t,” said Wilkins.

Her window has since been repaired but the damaged is done, she won’t go that way home at night anymore.

“I was lucky once. I would hate to take that chance again,” said Wilkins.

She wants whoever is pulling the trigger to understand this is not a prank, it is real life.

“It’s horrible to think that’s sport. Stick with your video games. Don’t shoot people,” said Wilkins. “One careless act could change someone’s life forever.”

Dallas Police are investigating and looking into whether the shootings are somehow related.