LEWISVILLE, Texas (CBS11) – A North Texas tattoo artist is accused of more than a dozen cases of sexual assault.

Lewisville Police say he often lures victims with cheap or free tattoos.

According to a court document, “There are at least 14 women who have in some way reported that he sexually assaulted them.” Police believe there could be more.

Chapman Swindell, who also goes by Eddie Bigbee, has a lengthy criminal past. Back in 2006, he was accused of assault with bodily injury and sexual assault — in two different cases.

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Chapman Swindell

“We were made aware back in 2006 that this individual was running a tattoo shop in another city, and that he had up to 22 victims. It happened in the Dallas area and was brought to trial in that location,” said Lewisville Police Captain Michael Moore.

Captain Moore says Swindell was arrested again in January for sexual assault. It’s the only report in Lewisville, but there could be more in other cities.

“We believe there are other victims out there who have not come forward. We have known at least two women to come forward to us with information. We’re currently investigating that,” said Captain Moore.

Investigators say Swindell previously worked at Black Diamond tattoo parlor in Crowley, where he had an aggravated assault report.

“When he got out of prison, he did not work for a storefront, but instead, he goes to private residences and conducts his business there,” said Captain Moore.

“Any reputable artist is going to work in a studio,” said Ellen Mushaney, owner of Rebel Muse Tattoo.

Mushaney says it’s a good idea to have a consultation with the tattoo artist and always to go to a shop.

“If you’re in a reputable shop with licensing, you know they do everything properly because they’ve been inspected. If you’re at home, there’s no one checking on that,” said Mushaney.

Two victims, who didn’t want to be indentified, say Swindell advertises his services on Instagram and by word of mouth.