(CBSDFW.COM) — With the chance of winter weather keeping you indoors all weekend, perhaps it’s time to think of something to help keep you warm — especially Saturday night.

Here’s a quick easy-to-make recipe for Beer Queso that will hit the spot for sure!

First melt butter in a medium sized sauce pan with the burner on medium heat. Once the butter is melted, stir in chopped onions.  Once the onions have warmed up and softened a bit, add flour and continue to stir. Once the flour has evenly coated the onions, add buttermilk and stir until mixed evenly. Then add salsa and continue to stir.

Now it’s time to add the beer… (all the beer… not just what is left after you have been sipping). Stir until the mixture warms back up then add the cheese!

Continue to heat until melted! Enjoy with your favorite chips!

(CBS 11)