By Jeff Paul

DALLAS (CBS11) – Were you stuck in traffic this week in Dallas?

It might be because of one North Texas man who is now saying sorry and thanks in a creative way.

Jeffrey Powell is apologizing for making some folks late through his dash camera video.

car broke down in Dallas (Jeffrey Powell)

“I was hoping by posting that, some people might be able to empathize maybe,” said Powell. “There’s so much anger you see on the road.”

He was on his way to work, heading north on I-35E near the American Airlines Center when he broke down right in the middle of seven lanes of traffic.

“Oh this idiot probably ran out of gas or he didn’t get his car serviced when he should have. It’s horrible,” said Powell. “You feel pathetic and you feel helpless.”

Traffic backed up for several miles in morning rush house and it was all Powell’s fault.

“I just tried to be as invisible as I could. Kind of shrink into the car and hope that the windows are tinted enough to hide you,” said Powell.

Help finally arrived. A courtesy patrol driver blocked traffic, then pushed Powell to safety and even ended up fixing his car.

“I blew a fuse. The fuse to the fuel injector went,” said Powell.

He posted his apology video on Reddit where it soared to one of the top posts, gathering hundreds of comments.

“I want to put some positive energy out there. Try to turn it into an apology and a thank you video,” said Powell.

He is also hoping drivers realize there is a reason people get stranded and there’s some wonderful people who will risk their safety to help get the wheels rolling again.

“It’s not maybe necessary but it definitely made me feel better,” said Powell.