Wondering what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day? According to a 1,000-person survey conducted across the country by Offers.com and AskMen, Texas consumers chose a flower bouquet as their top Valentine’s Day gift, followed by roses, pedicures, a Yeti cooler, and chocolate.

However, keep lingerie and alcohol out of your shopping cart. Texan shoppers chose these items as their least favorite gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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While shopping early can help you snag the best deals, 20% of Texas shoppers say that they wait until the week of Valentine’s Day to buy their gifts.

To celebrate the holiday, 33% of Texans said they would be staying in for the night, followed by dinner at a restaurant (24%). When it comes to favorite Valentine’s Day treats, Texas consumers prefer a box of chocolates (32%) and chocolate covered strawberries (30%).

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Roses steal the show as the top Valentine’s Day flower in Texas, with 50% of the state choosing roses as their favorite flower. But if you want to give a more unique gift this year, consider tulips (17%) or lilies (16%).

The same survey also found that nine out of 10 Americans feel pressure if they’re not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. However, they are not willing to go out of their way to find a date. Only 7% of respondents would use a dating app to find a date for V-Day.

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Another interesting tidbit from the survey was that people are wishy-washy about first dates on Valentine’s Day. Just 53% say a Valentine’s first date is OK.