DALLAS (CBS11 SPORTS) – If the Dallas Fuel hold true to form, week 3 in stage two of Outwatch League play should be spectacular.

That’s because every other week has been either feast or famine for the boys in blue in the first two sessions of stage 2.

The Fuel followed up their perfect first week (2 wins), with a perfectly disastrous second week (2 losses) losing to both the Seoul Dynasty and the Los Angeles Valiant.

It seems like the Fuel is still finding a rhythm with recent new additions to their roster.

Dallas has also struggled to adapt to the rapid pace of top ranked teams.

This week, the Fuel (5-9) will face a pair of team that are at the bottom of the standings.

Dallas plays the San Francisco Shock (4-10) on Wednesday and the Florida Mayhem (1-13) on Saturday.