CBS Local – Two Missouri men who posted a video of them killing a kitten in a bid for money have received a prison sentence instead.

Kyle William, 18, and 19-year-old Jordan Hall were both found guilty of Animal Cruelty after the duo dragged the kitten behind their moving Jeep in June of 2017. The teens recorded and posted the entire crime online before Williams killed the defenseless animal with a rock.

Prosecutors say the two young men made the Facebook video in an attempt to get Williams’ audience to buy the criminals pizza, according to The Kansas City Star. “We appreciate the help of Good Samaritans in our digital community in reporting this crime as it might have gone unpunished without their assistance,” Taney County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Merrell said.

Prosecutors added that the pair received the maximum punishment for their “senseless act of depravity against a helpless kitten.” Hall will spend the next four years in prison while Williams was sentenced to consecutive sentences of four years for Animal Abuse and three years for Armed Criminal Action.

The 18-year-old Williams had an extra five-year sentence added on after he reportedly sharpened a spork into a shank while in custody for his acts.