By Brooke Rogers | CBS 11 News

FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – The walls of the Frisco Independent School District can talk – directly to the authorities. Every school in the district emits a continual live feed, thanks to cameras stationed throughout the buildings.

“They’re all over the school. They’re in the hallways, in the common areas, outside the school,” says Sgt. Jeff Inmon with the Frisco Police Department.

In case of emergency – such as an active shooter – dispatchers can pinpoint who, what and where – and pair that information with a floor plan of the school.

“It can tell us exactly where the incident’s taking place so we can send the resources right there. It can give us the ability to set up perimeters where we need them. And just really be able to respond to the schools in a more efficient and accurate manner,” Sgt. Inmon says.

Frisco ISD students (CBS11)

Police, firefighters and paramedics can also access the cameras from their vehicles while en route.

For Sgt. Chadd Springer, Frisco High School’s School Resource Officer Sergeant, the cameras are an additional layer of security.

“It gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that the ones who are coming to help are going to be here very quickly and they know exactly where they do,” he says.

And while he walks the halls of school, he knows he has backup.

“It’s game-changing, really. It would be very nice to see a lot more departments and cities and school use that type of software,” Sgt. Springer says.

The program is called SAFER, which stands for Situational Awareness for Emergency Response. It was funded several years ago and is being maintained with bond money.