By Robbie Owens

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman stabbed multiple times on a Dallas street Sunday night was at last check in serious condition. But, she is alive. And that’s thanks in part to strangers who rushed to help, not a minute too soon.

“There was a trail of blood that kind of like went across the street, and ended right over here,” says Peter Hammer, gesturing to a spot in the Eastbound lane of Gaston at Skillman.

Hammer says he heard no screams; but, his friend insisted that she heard someone say ‘help me’ on the street nearby.

“I ran down the stairs… there were two other people that were concerned as well. They ran out with me. I didn’t have my phone, so I told them to call 911.

The strangers turned Good Samaritans say they don’t want to think about what could have, perhaps would have, happened if they hadn’t reached the badly injured woman and stopped the traffic heading toward her.

“All she could do was gasp,” says Erika Warfield, who says when she saw the young women lying in a pool of blood, she called on a higher power. “I just started laying hands and praying and just begging the Holy Spirit to come and that God would save her,” says Warfield.

According to Dallas police, the woman was stabbed multiple times in the back and legs. The department has not released her name or a possible motive for the attack: it is a question, with no good answer.

“Why did this happen at all?” questions Hammer. “For me, I’m very protective, always aware of what’s around me…this was one of those moments where we both felt kind of helpless for her.”

So far, no arrests have been made in the attack.