DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Orville Rogers is one of the fastest men in the world for his age.

“I was 100 last November,” a smiling Orville Rogers said.

Rogers started running at the age of 50. And since then he’s run more than 42,000 miles. People call him an inspiration.

Orville Rogers – running centenarian (CBS11)

“Well, that’s what people tell me, and that puts me under a lot of pressure. If I’m an inspiration to people, I have to do well, don’t I,” reasoned Rogers.

Earlier this month, he set the record in the 60-yard-dash for someone at least 100-years-old.

That’s just one leg of his story. He served in World War II and flew bombers. He later became a commercial pilot, married and started a family that grew.

“I never asked God for a long life, or fame or riches. And he’s given me all three. And I’m happy to be where I am. I’m delighted to be where I am,” said Rogers.

His journey from war veteran to runner is chronicled in the book “The Running Man.”

Orville Rogers holds 18 American and world running records and he says he’s not finished.

Orville Rogers – running centenarian (CBS11)