CBS AUSTIN – A father made the difficult choice of turning his son into police after the 18-year-old bragged about criminal activity, according to KEYE TV CBS Austin.

Theodis Daniel, who’s a Veteran, said he didn’t have a choice, protecting the public and his child was the only way to go.

Daniel’s son, Cristian admitted to a “burglary spree” after being released from jail, having a “stash of guns,” and burglarizing “250 cars last week,” according to the station

According to the affidavit, “He pulled out a bag. He said, ‘Dad i got something to show you,'” Daniel said. “It was a Glock. And I said what kind of gun was that. He said a Glock 43. I said, ‘What are you doing with that, you’re not supposed to have a gun.'”

Cristian was on probation, and possession of weapons is a violation, according to his father.

But the elder Daniel told CBS one thing in particular bothered him. Turns out his son had not only stolen weapons, but he had taken them from law enforcement.

“That really ticked me off. For him to even have a gun, but to steal one from a police officer at that,” Daniel told the station.

Despite his seething anger and disappointment, the father knew tough love was the best option.

“Pretty hard for me to do,” Daniel said. “This is Texas. If you break into someone’s car, they will handle you. I didn’t need someone shooting my son. I didn’t need my son shooting him, or going on a high speed chase killing himself or other people. He was compromising people’s safety and his own.”

Cristian Daniel still sits in jail, with a $20,000 bond.