The Texas Rehabilitation Hospital in Fort Worth is using an exo-skeleton robot to help stroke and spinal cord patients. (CBS11)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The staff and clinicians at Texas Rehabilitation Hospital in Fort Worth have gone high-tech when it comes to helping stroke and spinal cord injury patients.

They’re now using an exo-skeleton robot to help those patients stand up and walk.

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“It allows us to really progress these patients much faster,” said Alisha Schmitt, assistant director of therapy at Texas Rehab.

Patients are strapped into the robot which is essentially a body brace.

The robot then uses sensors to identify which parts of the body and limbs need extra support and assistance in moving and then moves along with the patients helping them stand and walk.

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“It might take 2 or 3 weeks to get somebody up and standing and taking a few steps this we can do it on their first or second day,” added Schmitt.

Richard Serrano is one of the patients benefiting from the treatment.

“It’s super awesome. I can’t describe it. I feel like it’s going to make me better,” said Serrano about his experience using the robot.

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The staff at Texas Health say it’s the first of its kind to be offered to patients in Fort Worth.