3 Children, 2 Men Dead Including Shooter In North Texas Domestic Killing

PONDER, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A Texas mom grieved on Facebook Live Wednesday afternoon from her hospital bed after a shooting that left her injured and five other people dead including her three children and two men.  One of the men was the shooter.

The Denton County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the shooting that happened at a home in Ponder, TX.

Speaking to family and friends on a public Facebook Live from her hospital bed, the sole survivor and mother Amanda Simpson said her ex-husband Justin Painter was the shooter.

(Warning: Strong Language)

Through tears and with a bullet still lodged in her shoulder, Simpson said,  “I’ve relived it over and over and every time I close my eyes, I see my babies… I see them dead. Every time I close my eyes, you don’t want to know what I see…”

Simpson said that she’s angry with the judge who handled her divorce, and that she had warned the court Painter was mentally unstable.

“I made it very clear to the judge that he was mentally unstable. And they didn’t listen. So now, I don’t have my babies,” said Simpson.

She said he even tried to commit suicide after she refused to get back together with him.

Simpsin said talked to Painter yesterday, and that he again, wanted to rekindle their relationship. When she refused, “he didn’t like it.”

The shooting happened just before 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning at a home in the 600 block of Lonestar Park Lane, near FM 2499.

Police said Painter walked into the house, shot Simpson and her current boyfriend along with the three children.

The Denton County Sheriff’s Office and the Ponder Fire Department responded to the scene, and the Texas Rangers were called in to assist with the investigation.

The call initially came in as a possible burglary, but authorities were warned about a self-inflicted gunshot victim while heading to the home.

Medical City Denton was then informed about “multiple gunshot patients” and more responders were called to the scene.

The Ponder Fire Department later confirmed that five people were found dead inside of the home.

An official with the Denton County Sheriff’s Office said that there was no ongoing threat to the community.

“Hey guys.. I didn’t know what else to do,” Simpson began her Facebook Live from her hospital bed. “I didn’t know what else to do… this is to reach out to everybody,” she continued through tears.

In the over nine minute video Simpson speaks slowly often sobbing. “I’ll tell you guys what happened another day. However, I was shot today,” she said later in the broadcast, “And they’re debating on doing surgery.”

Simpson described her injuries saying,”The bullet is under shoulder blades — or under my shoulder blade — but it’s also broken a couple ribs. It’s broken a bone in my neck, they had a thing around my neck but they took it off.”

Simpson spoke of her children. “I have to start funeral arrangements. And I don’t want to get hung up on that,” she said through tears. “You guys know that they were my everything, my purpose to breathe,” she later said in the broadcast. “As soon as I know anything about the kids we’ll have a memorial service at least, and everybody is welcome.”

She went on to discuss possible arrangements and what the plans would be for her children.

The grieving mother continued, “You never think you will lose a child. I always watch the news, and I stop watching it because so many children get killed. I just don’t know what to do.”

Simpson asked for prayers. “I just ask if you can…pray that my kids knew that I loved them.”

Near the end of the heart wrenching broadcast, Simpson held up a picture of her three children. “They asked me if I needed anything, if they could get me anything, and that’s all I wanted,” she said speaking of her kids.

People in the community held a vigil at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Remington Park near the home where the children were killed.

Amanda Simpson talked to concerned family and friends via a Facebook Live from her hospital bed. (photo courtesy: Facebook)

Simpson works at this retirement home in Flower Mound in housekeeping, according to her supervisor.

Simpson’s supervisor tells CBS 11 Simpson’s was moving on after a recent divorce.

Public records show the couple wed in 2012 in Tarrant County.

They filed for divorce in 2017.