PONDER (CBSDFW.COM) – There was an outpouring of love and support Sunday evening for a mother whose three children were killed in a murder-suicide last Wednesday. She was the sole survivor of the shooting that also left two men dead.

The three children were killed in Ponder and were caught in the middle of their parents going through a divorce.

Over a hundred people gathered at a candlelight vigil where many of the children’s classmates left stuffed animals and heartfelt messages.

The memories of the three children live on at Parkview Elementary School in Fort Worth where 8-year-old Odin and 6-year-old Caydence attended. Four-year-old Drake was also killed in the shooting.


Odin’s cub master said some of his friends were too heartbroken to attend the vigil. Others shared stories about his kindness.

“He was such a sweet boy. I knew that I could share anything with him… if there was anything going on,” said one of Odin’s friends.

Their mother, Amanda Simpson, was the only survivor of the deadly shooting. She was at the vigil where she thanked the community for all of their support.

“They are the happiest children I’ve ever known,” said Simpson. “I want to thank all of you for being here. They loved every single one of you.”

Parents and classmates held Simpson tight and wrote tributes on balloons that were sent into the sky.

Troy Johnston organized the vigil. His daughter was friends with Caydence.

“It’s been really hard on Delilah. We wanted to make sure she had that option to pray for her in public and have this ceremony for her to make her feel better about it, and have one last hurrah for her… to let everyone in the community know that they were loved,” said Johnston.

Simpson recently had surgery to remove a bullet that was lodged in her shoulder. She plans to move to Virginia to be with her family.