FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Triple-digit temperatures are about to sweep through North Texas and stick around the rest of the week.

First responders with MedStar EMS in Fort Worth say they rushed to more than 30 heat-related emergencies during the Memorial Day weekend and they expect to see plenty more in the coming days.

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“Heat exhaustion can run into heat stroke pretty quick,” said MedStar supervisor John Hamilton.

Hamilton is just one of many emergency medical experts issuing a stern warning to people to stay out of the heat and drink plenty of water.

He says a person experiencing heat exhaustion will be fatigued but the body’s natural functions of sweating and trying to cool itself down still work.

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However, Hamilton added if a person is having a heat stroke the symptoms and the effects are a lot worse.

“You’ll get a change in mental status, you’ll get the lack of perspiration, your core body temperature will get to about 104 degrees,” he said.

According to Hamilton, elderly people are most at risk of experiencing a heat stroke.

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The best advice according to experts is still to avoid the being outdoors and drink plenty of fluids.