UPDATED: March 14, 2018  1:15 PM

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A pig stranded near southbound Interstate 35E at Interstate 635 in North Dallas was the subject of a social media frenzy stirred by CBS 11 traffic reporter Madison Sawyer.

It all started as Sawyer monitored the traffic cameras and noticed something pink…

Sawyer was impressed by a Good Samaritan who was keeping guard over the large animal.

A flurry of tweets went out when it seemed the pig no longer had a human looking out for him.

But Sawyer was quick to let her followers know the pig’s keeper came back!

Her next couple of tweets described the scene and what Sawyer perceived was going through the pig’s mind.

And for those concerned with not only the pig’s well-being, but that of his good natured friend…

Finally a rescue team arrived.

Sawyer tweeted a nice jab at Dallas for it taking so long to get a rescue team out.

The CBS 11 Chopper finally made it out to help document the drama.

The eventual update was a happy one from Sawyer, with more insight into the pig’s (hog’s?) massive size.

More truth followed from the savvy journalist.

Then, almost as quickly as the situation escalated, after little more than an hour it was over.

Here’s a Facebook Live video of the pig’s eventual capture. Enjoy!