by Erin Jones | CBS11

McKINNEY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – While the school year is winding down for McKinney ISD, parents and students in the district are ramping up efforts to get improve school security.

This comes after a student got a gun into McKinney North High School last week, killing himself.

One thing parents and students are pushing for is metal detectors in schools, but they still have a lot of questions and concerns.

One of the marquee name in metal detectors, based in Garland, is providing answers. Garrett Metal Detectors has been in business since 1964. CEO Steve Novakovich explained the company’s employees are part of the community and when they learned what happened at McKinney North High School it was personal.

Garrett Metal Detectors (CBS11)

“Most of us are parents and our kids are in schools as well so when these issues come up and tragedies occur there’s really a very strong desire here to be part of the solution to school violence,” Novakovich said.

Last week, McKinney ISD parents and students created the Facebook group “McKinney Parents and Students for Metal Detectors” asking for the devices. It now has more than 1,000 followers.

“We have been in contact with the folks in McKinney,” Novakovich said.

One of parents and students biggest concerns is cost.

“Solutions are a lot more economical than a lot of folks would understand,” Novakovich said.

His company’s walk through metal detectors cost about $3,500 a piece. The wands cost about $200 each. Before any device is installed, company employees do a free assessment showing where the metal detectors should go without making changes to school infrastructure.

“We can have more than 500 people walk through a walk-through in an hour,” Novakovich said. “We make sure there’s enough walk-throughs so that we don’t have an unnecessary bottleneck entering the facility.”

Novakovich stresses metal detectors are a solution to better school security. Parents and students said they’re ready to go before the school board asking for them.

Members of “McKinney Parents and Students for Metal Detectors” have a meeting planed next Wednesday where they plan to discuss how they’ll push for metal detectors at an upcoming school board meeting that’s set to take place at the end of the month.