DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – First it was In N Out Burger and now, Whataburger is having a similar problem with its hamburger buns.

The popular Texas chain removed white buns and Texas toast from some of its restaurants.

Whataburger (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

The company said it was because of a yeast problem that affected the flavor, but was not a health and safety issue.

Whataburger stores are open and will continue to serve meals on wheat buns or tortillas until a new batch of white buns can be delivered.

The announcement came the same day as Texas locations of In N Out Burger reopened after closing for two days to replace buns.

“Emergency buns” were trucked in from California, according to Bob Lang, Jr., executive vice president of In-N-Out.

Lang said they discovered the issue Monday, closing the stores for what they thought would be 24 hours. Lang said a yeast issue during baking affected flavor of Texas buns. He said they tasted bad.

Lang didn’t want to name the Texas bun maker, but confirmed they are in the Dallas area.

He also added that the same supplier provides bread to many big restaurant chains in Texas.

In N Out locations in Texas will serve California buns until new bread supplier can be found.

It’s unclear if Whataburger gets its buns from the same supplier.

Restaurants in Oklahoma and Arkansas were also impacted.