by Erin Jones | CBS11

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Over the weekend a violent attack was captured on camera in Deep Ellum. It happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday outside of The Bomb Factory and left two people badly injured.

Brandon Aruffo and Mikaela Benatti said they were heading home after a night out when it happened.

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“It just happened so quickly,” Benatti said. “We were walking down Henry and took a left on to Canton. These guys came out of nowhere.”

In the surveillance video you can see Aruffo is punched from behind. He hits ground and is knocked unconscious. One of the men then moves to Benatti. He knocks her to her knees and tries to take her purse.


“He just started hitting me and I have a crossbody, a little clutch that wraps around, and he was trying to pull it off of me,” Benatti said. “The worst part to me is the strap broke and they just walked off. They didn’t run. It definitely seemed like something they had done before.”

Benatti said the two men walked off with her purse and Aruffo’s wallet. She called 911 and waited for an ambulance to arrive. They were both treated for bad injuries.

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“I have a concussion, some staples back here, some stitches in my lip” Aruffo said.

Benatti has face fractures and bruised knees.

The two said they won’t be coming back to Deep Ellum any time soon. They believe the area is becoming too dangerous.

“I just don’t feel safe going there,” Aruffo said. “If you do go to Deep Ellum it’s safer to travel in a pack,” Aruffo said.

Saturday’s incident is just one of a series of violent attacks in Deep Ellum recently.

In late May a woman was jumped outside of Bucky Moonshine’s and in April a woman was violently punched outside of Adams Hats Lofts. It happened just across the street from where Aruffo and Benatti were attacked.

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Police are trying to identify the two men seen attacking Aruffo and Benatti in the video.