DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Inmate Daniel Brown says he hid in a trash compactor to escape from the Dallas County Jail on Saturday.

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was,” Brown told CBS11 in an exclusive interview following his recapture Sunday at a Motel 6 in Grand Prairie. “You wouldn’t think that it would be that easy… that someone could just walk out.”

Daniel Brown talks to CBS11’s Dan Haggerty

Brown says he was facing about a year behind bars.

Police arrested him in March on theft charges and a parole violation from out of state. The jail assigned him to be a member of the Trustee Program.

The role allows inmates to work in low-security settings inside the jail and is normally reserved for misdemeanor inmates. Jail officials say that new guidelines by county judges have lowered misdemeanor bond amounts and can cause an occasional lack of misdemeanor inmates, forcing the jail to assign non-violent felony inmates like Brown to the Trustee Program. So, they put Brown in the kitchen where he worked on trash duty.

“I was working sanitation,” Brown said. “So we took all the trash to the compactor throughout the day. I snuck in there and I hid.”


Brown claims he waited about two minutes before climbing through a rusty gap in the metal that led to freedom, and according to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, a get-away car.

Deputies arrested Brown’s girlfriend of nine months, Diesha Owens after tracking her cell phone to the Motel 6 in Grand Prairie. Officials say the two discussed the plan in weeks leading up to the escape in recorded calls on a jail phone line.

Daniel Brown (Dallas County Sheriff’s Department)

Brown now faces an additional 10 years behind bars.

“Those choices have been made,” Brown said. “So I can’t ponder in my past.”

When asked about a motive, he said that his mother stopped calling and changed her number, and he felt like his “back was against the wall.”