by Erin Jones | CBS11

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Dallas woman claims she was sexually assaulted in Deep Ellum over the weekend. She said it happened in a the Trees parking lot off Elm Street and was caught on camera.

“I was disgusted,” Sara Haynes said. “I feel completely violated.”

Haynes said early Sunday morning she was headed back to her car after a late night shift at a nearby restaurant when a Trees parking lot attendant, who she’s known for four years, approached her.

Sara Haynes

“He asked me for a hug and I said ‘fine’,” Haynes said. “He steps in between me closing the door and sticks his tongue in my mouth and touches my boobs and then I slam my door on his head. He was like ‘you hit me in the head’ and I was like ‘sorry but I got to go’.”

alleged sex assault in Deep Ellum (surveillance)

Haynes said she went to police to make a report, still in shock.

“I was a mess,” she said.

Haynes said she had heard about this man making advances on other women before.

“This is a repeat pattern and I’m the first person to say something,” she said.

Trees management is not commenting on this incident at this time.

Recently, Deep Ellum has seen a continuing stream of crime. Many who live in and work in the area are trying to put a stop to it.

Yesterday, a public safety meeting organized by officers who work in the area was held to discuss public safety ideas. Also, crimes are reported as they happen on the community’s Facebook page to raise awareness and promote safety.

“This happens way too much out here,” Haynes said. “It’s bad enough that we have to watch out for thieves and robbers, now we have to worried about getting raped and groped.”

Regarding Sunday’s incident, The Deep Ellum Foundation reports Trees management actively works to promote safety. They participate in their public safety program, paying to put more off-duty officers on the street.

Police are investigating the incident as an assault and plan to interview Haynes about it. They have not named a suspect at this time.