NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Prosecutors in Colorado announced new charges against Heather Schwab Wednesday, related to two evictions there. Schwab is one-half of the couple dubbed the “serial squatters” by attorneys in North Texas.

William and Heather Schwab have racked up more than 20 evictions across DFW in the last decade. Consumer Justice first reported on the Schwabs in October 2017, after being contacted by several former landlords. They owe tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent.

Days after our first report, the Schwabs moved to Colorado and continued racking up evictions. A landlord there reached out to Consumer Justice after he says Heather Schwab’s check bounced. Once prosecutors in Colorado learned of the couple’s past, they charged her with felony theft in May. 

Heather Schwab

Now Schwab is facing a dozen felony charges, including theft of an at-risk victim, forgery, check fraud, identity theft, conspiracy to commit identity theft, theft and computer crime. You can read the full press release below.

It’s especially ironic considering what Schwab told a Colorado judge after being arrested as a “fugitive of justice” in May. Police had arrested her at the request of Denton County authorities, who wanted to extradite her for felony theft of property charges related to evictions here. Schwab’s public defender called the situation a “miscommunication” and said Schwab had a “stable home” in Colorado.

The hearing took place as a landlord was actively evicting the Schwabs from a rental home.

William Schwab

William Schwab is also behind bars, awaiting extradition to Dallas County for a sexual assault charge. A family friend is reportedly caring for the Schwabs’ children.