By Jack Fink

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The brutal North Texas temperatures can hurt your pets, so experts say don’t forget about them during the heat wave.

On Friday, we found residents who brought their pooches to the White Rock Lake Dog Park in Dallas where they could take a dip in the lake and splash while being sprayed with a hose.

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Frank Guzman says this is the only place he’ll let his Pug Prince stay outside in the Texas sun.

pug in a pool (CBS11)

“As long as he gets wet, as long as I can put him in the pool, throw some water on him and give him a lot of water to drink.”

Brittany Zimmerman says she has two ways to keep her Australian Shepherds comfortable.

“Sometimes, I just put booties on them because it’s really hot, they can really hurt their paws and I also if it’s really hot, I have the cooling jackets that I put on them.”

Experts urge pet owners to follow Zimmerman’s lead, and avoid taking dogs for a walk on the hot pavement so the pads on their paws don’t burn.

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If dogs must stay outside in the heat, the SPCA of Texas says make sure they have access to plenty of clean water to drink and a kiddie pool they can play in to stay cool and hydrated.

Excessive panting and drooling can be signs they are dehydrated.

There’s another way you can tell.

Madeline Yeaman of the SPCA of Texas says, “If you take two fingers and pinch the skin near your dog’s neck, you can check and see if they’re dehydrated. If the skin takes more than a couple of seconds to snap back and go back to normal, then it could indicate they’re dehydrated.”

If you want to give your dogs a summer cut to help them stay cool, Yeaman says think again. “We don’t recommend you shave your dog completely because your dog uses its coat to regulate its body temperature.”

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The SPCA says the bottom line is, your dog is more susceptible to a heat related injury than you are, so keep a close eye on them.