ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Weeks before the new football season, people who live near AT&T Stadium in Arlington are trying to figure out where they will go on game days under a new parking ordinance in the city.

A city ordinance gives police the ability to declare an Entertainment District No Parking Zone, banning street parking during large events, including for residents.

Passed in February, a staff report says the rule is intended to reduce congestion in neighborhoods during large events when ticket holders are looking for parking.

Some residents though said they only recently learned the rule would affect their own cars, when police passed out door tags announcing community meetings to tell people how it would work.

Arlington parking issue (CBS11)

“It’s, ‘We’re towing your cars if you’re parked here at the time you’re not supposed to be’,” said Lisa Perkins, when asked how the rule was described at a meeting this month.

The Arlington Police Department was unable to answer questions Thursday about how it would enforce the new law, or if there would be any exceptions for residents.

The ordinance does include an allowance for modification of rules to allow for the needs of residents.

City council representative Helen Moise said Thursday she would be making a point to visit the neighborhoods soon. She said there may be a workaround to the rule for some who need it.

Moise expected the rule to roll out slowly as pre-season football games start at the stadium in August.

Some homes in the area don’t have driveways. Others questioned how they would handle Thanksgiving day when family or friends coming over would have to park on the street.

“You have to, you don’t have that much room,” said Karen Arrington. “It’s too narrow in between your homes to have a lot of parking space”