BLOOMFIELD, Connecticut (CBSDFW.COM) – A Connecticut woman went on Facebook live to share what happened when she found a bear inside her living room Monday.

She said she and her daughter had just gotten home, when they walked inside and found black bear in the living room.

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In the video, Melissa McWeeny shows where the bear got in through a sliding door, after ripping down a screen.

“We learned that the bear knows how to pull the latch down and open the door,” said McWeeny.

Inside the house, the bear rummaged through her pantry, apparently looking for a snack.

“I just saw, standing right there, this enormous black bear,” McWeeny said.

She said even though she wasn’t calm, the bear was. It ended up leaving through a sliding window and she can’t believe he fit through it.

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“He managed to fit outside this little crevice, over the toy box and go out and go into the woods,” said McWeeny.

Bear sightings are common, but reports of bears in homes are also climbing.

Wildlife officials there said there were six reports of bears in homes in 2014 and in 2017, that number rose to 13.

Experts say the higher numbers may be because more people, like McWeeny, are going public and posting about it on social media.

“Now that he knows there food in here, I don’t want him to come back,” said McWeeny.

She says they’ll be locking all windows from now on.

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Officials will revisit this case and see if this is the same bear that was spotted one week ago in the neighborhood.