Itasca, Ill. (CBS Local) – A new report is warning against using plastic food containers because of the fear that harmful chemicals could leak into your food.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is urging parents to keep food out of plastic containers. The July 23 report explains that plastics, especially when they are heated, can contaminate food with materials that affect the hormones and can cause other health problems.

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“It can also be detrimental to pregnant women, to their growing baby inside of their body,” Dr. Denise Kerut said, via KCTV. “So they recommend that pregnant women avoid these things as well.”

A similar warning from the Cleveland Clinic was issued in December. Their report said that BPA (bisphenol A), an industrial chemical used in manufacturing plastic items, can seep into food when containers are heated in a microwave.

“You want to look on the container, and see if it has a microwave safe label. That is regulated by the FDA and tested. If it doesn’t, I definitely would not put things in the microwave,” dietitian Lindsey Malone said.

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The AAP says that BPA can “potentially change the timing of puberty, decrease fertility, increase body fat, and affect the nervous and immune systems.” BPA is banned from being used in making baby bottles and sippy cups. AAP officials recommend switching to glass containers for storing food.