FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Phil Mickelson has been known to wow fans on the golf course, but his new commercial is turning heads for completely different reasons. The veteran golfer is the lone star of an online ad promoting dress shirts by Mizzen+Main.

Did you know that Mickelson can dance?

Actually, he can’t. But he tried really hard.

The commercial shows Mickelson “dancing” at a driving range, dodging golf balls with every move. He does a disco point, a high kick and even the worm. Of course, he’s wearing Mizzen+Main the entire time, described in the new ad as “the best damn dress shirt.”

See The Full Commerical

It’s a commercial that you can’t unsee. Mickelson is in on the joke, at least. He knew that he would be in for a lot of grief by filming the self-deprecating ad. Mickelson said that it’s fun to laugh at yourself sometimes, and that it took a lot of work to get those moves out of him.