DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A mountain of bicycles is sitting in a Dallas recycling yard after the bike sharing business Ofo pulled up stakes in the city.

Pictures of the bicycles at CMC Recycling have been buzzing. Out of the thousands of bikes the company pulled off Dallas streets, hundreds ended up at the recycling center in south Dallas.

A mountain of Ofo bikes sits in a Dallas recycling yard after the bike share business pulled out of the city. (CBS11)

“It’s pretty amazing to see that many bikes piled up that,” Gary Smith said.

In the three years the security guard worked at the south Dallas recycling center, Smith said he’d never seen something like that.

About two weeks ago he said a truck came in, dropping off hundreds of Ofo bikes after the Chinese bike sharing company decided to pull out of Dallas. It’s a decision they also made in several other cities nationwide. The company reported they were re-evaluating markets that present obstacles to new green, transit solutions.

“Ofo leaving this neighborhood is absolutely one of the best things to ever happen to this neighborhood,” Cedars Neighborhood Association President Phillip Robinson said. “Down here we don’t really have so many people who need to ride a share bike.”

Robinson said while some in Dallas might have loved the bikes, most people who live in the neighborhood he represents either prefer walking, have their own bike or drive, and as a result, the bikes cluttered sidewalks.

“Ofo leaving this neighborhood will probably generate better walkability,” he said.

In total, 5,000 Ofo bikes were pulled off Dallas streets. The company said the bikes that were beyond repair were sent to be recycled. The others were donated to communities and non-profit organizations to be repurposed.

“Ofo giving those bikes to people who really need them is absolutely brilliant,” Robinson said.

A representative for Ofo said the two non-profit organizations they donated the bikes to are CitySquare and Bikes for Tykes.