By Geoff Petrulis | CBS 11

RUSSIA (CBSDFW.COM) — Texas Republican Senator Don Huffines (R-District 16) is in Russia and he has a message to deliver, “Don’t mess with Texas elections!”

According to the Senator’s Chief of Staff Brent Connett, Huffines is there with United States Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) and the Cato Institute on unofficial business.

“Don Huffines regularly hears from Texans who are concerned about the security of our elections, and who are alarmed by Russia’s efforts to undermine our democratic institutions,” Connett began in a statement released to CBS 11.

Connett said Huffines is meeting with Russian officials to deliver a message.

“In meetings with Russian officials, Senator Huffines is having frank discussions, relaying Texans’ concerns, and demanding that Russia stop meddling in our elections,” he continued.

Connett stressed that Huffines believes communication is important when it comes to dealing with those who may try to influence elections in Texas.

“Don Huffines believes in the power of face-to-face conversations, even with antagonists.”

“I believe in looking people in the eye & having tough conversations on issues important to Texans,” Huffines said on Twitter. “My message: Texans demand that they stay out of our elections!”

Huffines said he has received a lot of questions about the trip, thus he took to Twitter to respond.

“I’m seeing lots of questions about my Russia trip. I believe in accountability and transparency, so here are the answers,” began one Tweet.

Huffines stressed that constituents were not paying for his trip.

“Taxpayers aren’t paying a single penny. In fact, I don’t accept the #txlege pay, retirement, or even travel costs,” the Tweet continued.

Huffines continued his Tweets in a Q&A format on the social media platform finding amusement in some of the social media comments.

“Q: Doesn’t this trip make you a traitor? A: LOL. No. I love my country & I swore an oath to uphold & defend our divinely-inspired US Constitution” Huffines continued online. “I stand for liberty. I stand for election integrity. And I’m over here demanding that Russia stop messing with Texas elections,” concluded the Tweet.

Huffines said that he was invited by Senator Paul. “My good friend Senator @RandPaul invited me to join him on an unofficial trip,” said Huffines. “I’m pressing Russian officials on election integrity & relaying my constituents’ concerns,” he continued. “My message to the Russians: ‘Don’t mess with Texas elections!'”