DENPASAR, Indonesia (CBSDFW.COM) – An imam praying at a mosque in Bali stood his ground — even as it was shaking all around him — in a Facebook Live video that has gone viral. It happened Sunday evening as a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook the neighboring island of Lombok.

Syeukh Arafat Abdulghani Mohammed continued his prayers at a Denpasar mosque even while the building could be seen shaking. Many others inside of the mosque were not so brave, as they could be seen running for safety. A few people even changed their minds, and came back to finish their prayers as the building was still rocking.

But the imam barely even moves, simply resting his hand on the wall to maintain his balance.

Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency said that the Sunday earthquake struck at a depth of 15 km, prompting a temporary tsunami warning. Then, a magnitude 6.2 aftershock rocked Lombok again on Thursday, sparking more panic on the tropical tourist island, and almost doubling the death toll to 259 people.