UPDATE: Crews have restored water service in parts of downtown Dallas.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A water main break shut down a main roadway in downtown Dallas on Friday morning. This happened at about 7:00 a.m. near the intersection of Elm Street and St. Paul Street. Crews with the city water department, Dallas Fire-Rescue, the Dallas Police Department, Atmos and Oncor were all on the scene.

The water flow was shut down to help drain areas that have flooded, but it will take some time before the water main can be repaired. The power to a nearby loft building was shut off while this situation is unfolding, forcing the residents to rely on a generator.

The basement of that loft building became flooded after the break. Used primarily for parking, water rained down from the ceiling of the underground garage because the water main is located at street level. Vehicles were seen sitting in five to six inches of water, and some people were trying to remove their cars before the situation got any worse.

Water could also be seen bubbling up from cracks in the pavement.

“I woke up to my fire alarm chirping and thought maybe it needed to change the batteries,” said Dallas loft resident Nicole Hutchins on Friday morning. “Then, noticed a couple lights I’d left on were out as well. So, things started to occur one thing after another.”

“We were worried about the car,” said loft resident Steven Aquino, “worried if we could even get out of here. But looks like that gate is open.”

The pavement along Elm Street has been compromised, said to Dallas Fire-Rescue. The streets is buckling, and portions of the road will need to be dug up in order to make water main repairs. Officials have explained that a block of Elm Street will be closed indefinitely, until the area is stable again.

Jennifer Lindgren