COLLIN COUNTY (CBSDW.COM)Health officials in Collin County have confirmed one case of measles at Plano West Senior High School. Now students and parents are being warned to watch for symptoms.

The Collin County Health Care Services also confirmed that the infected student wasn’t vaccinated and had recently traveled internationally. The student also spent a limited amount of time, while contagious, at Whole Foods Preston Park Colonnade on Aug. 14, between noon and 1 p.m.

“I’ve had the measles, so I don’t think I’m going to contract it. But it is, for a lot of kids that aren’t getting shots and don’t have vaccines, yeah, it could be serious,” said Michael Novembrino, Whole Foods Customer.

Measles is an airborne viral infection. Patients are contagious from four days before the onset of symptoms, to four days after.

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

In a letter sent to parents health officials said the exposure happened during the first week of school in Plano. It explained that Collin County Health Care Services is, “… currently reviewing individual exposure status, although anyone at the school between August 14 – 16, 2018 could have had exposure to the case.”

Just last week CBS 11 News reported on a study that found both Collin and Tarrant Counties were at the highest risk for an outbreak of diseases like the measles, because of the school district polices for non-medical exemptions when it comes to vaccination.

It’s estimated that only 60- to 70-percent of children in Collin and Tarrant County are vaccinated at some schools.

“I’m scared about it obviously, I think a lot of people are. But honestly I think it’s gonna be a big deal, but my mom said I had to come to school,” student August Giovannoni said with a smile. “Most parents are gonna do that. Most people are scared about it and everyone is bringing like hand sanitizer and stuff to school.”

Symptoms of measles include rash, a fever above 101, cough, runny nose, or eye redness. The disease incubates in the body and shows no symptoms for a week or two.

Anyone who thinks they may have come in contact with the measles, even if they have been vaccinated, should be monitored for symptoms through September 6 – which is 21 days from the likely exposure.