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An Op-Ed by Brett Allen – Narrator of Official Best Of

During my Texas trip, I had to stop by San Antonio. After the Alamo, the main attraction is the San Antonio River Walk, a beautiful area full of shops and restaurants along the San Antonio River. Walking around is great—but I saw that there was a riverboat tour and it piqued my interest. The tour was operated by Go Rio River Cruises, which I found out was awarded a 10-year contract with the City of San Antonio in October of 2017. They are the official river cruise of River Walk and they deserve it.


Go Rio has narrated cruises and specialty cruises as well as river shuttles that take you from downtown to Museum Reach. The narrated cruises are approximately 35 minutes where you’ll learn about the rich history of San Antonio including stories of the Alamo, as well as the city’s architecture and points of interest. I was so surprised to find that the electric riverboats, which hold 40 passengers, are quiet, roomy, eco-friendly and ADA accessible—they’ve really thought of everything! To top it all off, the riverboats are aesthetically pleasing, fitting in perfectly with the rest of area. They come in an assortment of vibrant colors: blue, yellow, pink, and red and are decorated with Mexican folklore-inspired artwork. At night, the bottoms of the boats light up in different electric colors, making the River Walk that much more fun, especially for the kids!

Setting up your tour is easy. You can buy online or you can purchase tickets at one of three kiosks along the river. If you’re in San Antonio, experience River Walk the best way, with a Go Rio river cruise. Go Rio offers the Official Best River Cruise in Texas.

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