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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A local man has died after being shot inside his own apartment by an off-duty Dallas police officer.

Investigators are still trying to piece together what happened but say it appears that after working a full shift, the officer went home to her apartment complex, the Southside Flats in the 1200 block of South Lamar, but went to the wrong unit.

Chief U. Renee Hall said at a news conference Friday that “there are more questions than we have answers” in the Thursday night killing of 26-year-old Botham Jean, but that with the information investigators have now, they’re seeking a manslaughter charge against the officer.

Believing the apartment was her own the officer, who was in full uniform, attempted to get inside. Sources tell CBS 11 News reporter J.D. Miles that the officer had actually gone to the wrong floor and put her key in the lock, but it wouldn’t turn.

more botham shem jean DPD Chief: Manslaughter Warrant Sought For Officer Who Killed Neighbor

The source said Jean opened the door and when he did the officer shot him twice in chest. Jean was rushed to Baylor University Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The Southside Flats apartments are just one block away from Dallas police headquarters.

A relative of Jean’s, believed to be his uncle, made an emotional Facebook post where he asked, “How can this nasty world take you away from me?”

Jean, a native of St. Lucia, was a graduate of Harding University and an employee with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Dallas. The company issued a statement this morning saying –

“This is a terrible tragedy.  Botham Jean was a member of the PwC family in our Dallas office and we are simply heartbroken to hear of his death.”

The officer who shot Jean was the one who reported the shooting. Police have not identified her.

A CBS 11 News crew spoke with Dallas police and they said the officer who fired her weapon had not been interviewed. Officials would not answer questions as to how the mixup happened, or how the officer got inside someone else’s apartment.

The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office will be involved in the investigation.

The officer, who was not injured, will be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Comments (32)
  1. Richard Garabedian says:

    She tracked this man down and purposefully killed him…That is what happened…nothing else makes sense

  2. Marjorie Willich says:

    I bet we find out they were in a relationship at one point ans she wasn’t happy it ended

  3. Barry Kushner says:

    Administrative leave? She should be under arrest.

  4. Trich Cleaver says:

    This is crazy. Yes it is murder. Is this the new tactic police are using to kill our black men? I thought this was my apartment and he was an intruder. You don’t know where you live? They always have an excuse. Aren’t the apt numbers on are near the doors?

  5. Brian Shoell says:

    So after looking through the peep hole, seeing a cop in full uniform he opens his door and he gets shot. You have to feel so bad for the guy. Whatever the story turns out to be lets not turn this into a racial thing. Dumb and stupid. Not racist. I feel so bad for this man and his family

    1. Lyle Raqui Mason says:

      Are you psychic? How do you KNOW it wasn’t racial? The police say they don’t know everything yet nut YOU do?

    2. Noel Roberts says:

      They knew each other. There is a picture of them with some other people on facebook and supposedly, they dated at one time.

      1. mjazzguitar says:

        They haven’t identified her yet.

  6. David David says:

    Police are not identifying her because they are trying to come up with a lie as to why she killed this man. Prepare to hear how she was in fear of her life and how he caused his own death. You know the usual cop lie. Yet another killing of a unarmed black man and nothing is going to happen. She wont even miss a days pay from this.

    1. John Smith says:

      You are SO right. I can smell it coming too. No name, no mug shot, no arrest and arraignment — as would be the case for any non-cop. They are a bunch of blue gangsters and you can bet they will try to pin the blame on this innocent man.

  7. Alex Krislov says:

    Breaking and entering, manslaughter….administrative leave? How about “placing” her in a damn CELL?

    1. MANSLAUGHTER?! This is murder! It is also “Breaking & Entering”, “Use of a deadly weapon during the commission of a (felony) crime”. Since she was wearing a uniform, there is conduct unbecoming an officer, official oppression and these are at the state level. At the federal level there is all kinds of civil rights charges! This is NOT manslaughter! This is murder 2 at the very least!!!

  8. George Noriega says:

    All she has to say is that she feared for her life when she saw a Black man in his own apartment.

  9. Donovan Nin says:

    “Don’t they train police?”

    Yes, they train police that there need not be any real threat, to themselves or anyone else, to justify the use of deadly force. A police officer is trained to use any level of force they deem reasonable if they perceive a threat, real or imagined. They are trained to eliminate perceived threats immediately, and that waiting to confirm if any real threat exists is a risk they cannot take. They are trained that it is acceptable to kill innocent people rather than risk possible harm to themselves.

    I’m not being sarcastic. This is factual. Police are trained to allow fear to compel them to kill unarmed innocents.

  10. Glo Trott says:

    Manslaughter?? I’m a former police officer. This is murder, but I get why they are charging her for the lesser crime. If she is found guilty of the lesser, she can be retried for murder. But if she is tried for murder and found not guilty she walks. You can’t charge a person twice for the same crime. “OJ Simpson” I heard a white man on TV interview say that the room numbers are up high and she may not have seen the number. In my opinion, she was on something, mad or intoxicated. She was banging the door so loud, the gentleman opened the door. She had her gun pulled and fired! Case closed. Guilty. And paid leave OMG! Where is her photo? They show everyone else…….#LawSuit

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