DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – A search warrant reveals what Dallas Police investigators took from Botham Jean’s apartment the night he was shot and killed by off-duty Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger when she mistook his apartment for hers on September 6.

The warrant does not indicate who owned which items.

The list includes fired cartridge casings, a laptop, a black backpack with police equipment and paperwork, a little more than ten grams of marijuana, a metal marijuana grinder, two radio frequency ID keys and two used packages of medical aid.

Guyger is charged with manslaughter and out of jail on a $300,000 bond,  but Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson is taking the case to a grand jury.

Lee Merritt, the North Texas attorney who is representing Jean’s family, said the search warrant showed investigators were immediately looking for drug paraphernalia.

In his words, “They immediately began looking to smear him.”

Meantime, friends and family gathered for Botham Jean’s funeral on Thursday.

Hundreds of people filed in to the service honoring the 26-year-old’s life and legacy.

Jean’s funeral was held at the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ in Richardson to accommodate the large crowd.

web guyger botham Search Warrant Details What Investigators Seized From Botham Jeans Apartment

Dallas police officer Amber Guyger stands charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Botham Shem Jean who she mistakenly thought was in her apartment.


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Comments (4)
  1. Okay , so what was found In Amber Guyger’s apt?

    Well. they must have searched the killers apt by now, so what did they find?

    1. Shanice Manley says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. The whole thing is so weird and starting to turn disgusting.

  2. Nobody cares what they found in his apartment. She wasn’t in there executing a search warrant. She was more than likely drunk. They’re just trying to make excuses at this point. Was Amber Guyger tested for alcohol immediately after the incident?

  3. Larry Woodall says:

    They planted that otherwise they would have found it the night of the shooting. He was to squeaky clean so they had to plant something to make him look bad. A fine upstanding man that they could not find dirt on so they made some up.

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