DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall issued a statement Thursday afternoon explaining why no disciplinary action has been taken against Officer Amber Guyger.

Amber Guyger mugshot (Kaufman County Jail)

Guyger is charged with manslaughter after the September 6 deadly shooting of Botham Jean, 26, who was in his own apartment at Southside Flats that Guyger mistook for her own.

Botham Jean

Guyger’s case is being investigated by Dallas Police, the Texas Rangers and the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

Some in the community, including Botham Jean’s family’s attorney, have called for Guyger to be fired.

Chief Hall addressed that in a statement, explaining why no action has been taken.

Here is the complete statement.

“There is one overriding reason that I have not taken any administrative or employment action against Officer Amber Guyger. I don’t want to interfere with the on-going criminal investigation into her actions.

“Here’s why. As an employer, DPD can compel Officer Guyger to provide a statement during a DPD administrative investigation and those statements given to DPD could potentially compromise the criminal investigation.

“That is not a risk I am willing to take. We cannot let the criminal case be determined on a ’technicality’ rather than the facts. An exhaustive and thorough criminal investigation is essential, and as soon as we are assured that conducting an administrative investigation will not impede on the criminal investigation, we will proceed.”

Dallas lawyer and former police officer Pete Schulte questioned the chief’s statement saying, “Both the internal investigation and the criminal investigation should be ongoing at the same time. There is no ability for the internal affairs investigation to cross over to what the Texas Rangers are doing. It doesn’t make any sense legally why these two investigations cannot be going on simultaneously, like they have happened in every other case.”


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