DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A father of two and one on the way was killed when a townhome that was under construction collapsed in Dallas Monday afternoon, his family said. Five other workers were injured in the collapse.

The family of Raul Ortega, 35, says he was working and pouring cement when it began to rain. He and the other workers decided to take shelter in one of the townhomes under construction. His family spoke about the beloved father.

Raul Ortega (Family Photo)

Ortega, who played in a band in his free time, will never get to meet the baby his wife is expecting. Over the weekend, his family threw them a baby shower.

His parents grieved Monday evening at the construction site where he died.

Ortega’s cousin, Noah, said when the storm came, everyone ran for shelter. Raul and another worker ran into the townhome with just a frame in place.

“We believe that it is a strong possibility that the straight-line winds with the storm as well as the driving rain may have contributed to the collapse,” said Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesperson Jason Evans.

The 35-year-old father of two teenagers and a baby on the way was impaled by two beams, according to his cousin. His family said he died instantly.

Five other workers were hospitalized with injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to fractures.

Many people who were home at the time described the storm as hurricane force.

Noah Ortega said workers will take shelter in the very structures they’re working in while they wait a storm out. He said he’s worked construction for close to 20 years and will never do that again unless the house is finished.