GARLAND (CBSDFW.COM) – Storms during the weekend knocked out power for at least 400 people in Southeast Garland.

Powerful winds knocked down 18 high voltage power poles and another 12 distribution poles.

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“It basically snapped them in half,” described resident Mark Czaus. “I saw some poles had scraped some houses and damaged trees, but no major trees down.”

(photo credit: CBS 11 News)

Garland Power and Light are finishing up replacing a sixth transmission poles… only 12 more to go until people are back online.

“Night and day they have not stopped and we are very proud and thankful they are working,” one resident told CBS 11 News.

Hopeful the lights will come one, other residents still in the dark said they hope the stormy weather won’t impede the progress.

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Resident Irma Wall and her husband took matters into her own hands at home, where lack of power hasn’t meant less peace and quiet.

“My husband went to Harbor Freight and got a generator,” said Wall. “Our lives are very comfortable when you have all the benefits of having power and even when it’s not.”

Garland Power and Light said unlike with widespread outages, they can’t bring a few homes back online a time. Crews have to replace all of the tall transmission lines first, which will take days.

Until then, residents will simply have to make due.

“I had to make arrangements with neighbors. I took a freezer over to someone’s garage that had power and plugged it in. So we’ve been managing the food thing,” said Czaus.

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The city is posting updates on the repairs here.